Saturday, December 26, 2015

Charter Schools - Data Show Different Enrollment From District Schools

I recently read in Commonwealth Magazine an excellent article analyzing the data that show who enrolls, and who remains, in charter schools.  Every article that trumpets a charter school's success should also include an analysis of that school's enrollment as compared to the local district.  As pointed out in this article, students without learning disabilities tend to do better than students with learning disabilities, students who are fluent in English tend to do better than students who are not proficient in English, etc.  Not mentioned in the article, but implied, is that students without behavioral issues tend to do better than students with behavioral challenges.  Charter schools that have fewer students with learning disabilities, fewer English language learners, and fewer behaviorally challenged students will obviously have better test scores. If we as a society want that -- schools that provide a good education for less challenged students, while leaving the public schools with a more challenging population -- that's one thing, but full disclosure should be made, and the choice should be clear.

Check out the article at this link --

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